Pedro Nilsson-Fernàndez


Beautiful Beasts II


Of Right & Wrong

The beasts arrived that same night, sweeping the streets with their fur, lighting every single corner with their gleaming eyes. Their majestic bodies hovered above the asphalt, hardly ever touching the ground; they brought memories and visions of the future, awakening inner fears and hopes alike.

They would only come at night.

They arrived and left within seconds, waking the whole city up without a single sound. Their unmissable presence, somehow familiar yet unnerving, was enough to keep every soul stuck to the cold window glasses; everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the newcomers.

No one had seen them close or long enough to give any details about their complexion, yet they all recalled their huge bodies being tinted in colors never seen before; the blinding light in their eyes seemed to change the atmosphere of the streets, their claws left burn marks on the building walls. However scary the creatures and the uncanny atmosphere around them might have been, everyone agreed on one simple fact: they were the most beautiful creatures on the face of Earth.

It was also that very first night that the beasts chose their first victim: an infamous businessman known for being connected to several cases of corruption. He was arrogant and ruthless, and rumor had it that he had been involved in the murder of his own wife. No one was outraged when they found his sports car smashed against the 12th floor of the city’s tallest building, for he had caused the city more wrong than any of the beasts so far.

Nobody cried for him, only the beasts did.

They cried all night for the victim they had just taken, a long sad cry that could be heard in every corner of the city, a cry so pure, of such dismal, that penetrated the souls of millions. The whole city would then mourn in silent, bitter tears, with the exception of a few. There would always be those who remained unmoved, unable to feel a thing, living with the sole company of their own apathy.

Those were the ones the beasts had come for.

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